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Letrrist Cinema

“The history of Cinema is full of corpses with a high market value. While crowds and the intelligentsia are yet again discovering old man Chaplin or salivating with admiration for the latest of Luis Bunuel’s Surrealist remakes, the ravages of the Lettrists, who are young and good-looking proceed apace. Screens are mirrors that petrify the adventurous by returning their own images to them and halting them in their tracks. If one cannot pass through the screen of photography to something deeper, then the cinema holds no interest for me.” – Jean-Isidore Isou, April 1951 [source]

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Essai d’ouverture

“I won’t go on about the advantages that the richness of a budget can bring, these generally being rather well known. What are recognized less are the advantages of poverty. I think for instance that if The Smugglers had cost twenty percent less, the result would have been better because there would have been something in the film that emphasized this austerity. . . . One of the great advantages of poverty is to develop a sense of responsibility on the part of the director”

Luc Moullet (France, 1937)

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Memorias de subdesarrollo

Memorias de subdesarrollo (Cuba, 1968)
Tomás Gutiérrez Alea

[And for a great documentary about latin american cinema click here]

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Shadows (1959)
John Cassavetes (US 1929-1989)

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